Original Acer AC Adapters - Acer Laptop Battery Chargers

Power up your PC when and where you need it with an original Acer power adapter. Keep one in the office, one at home and another spare genuine Acer ac adapter in your carrying case for convenient access to power. All our OEM Acer laptop chargers must pass stringent quality control tests that ensure they are totally compatible with your laptop. Equipped with 1.8 meter power cord, each original Acer battery charger we sell includes one year wanrranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

Listed by Original Acer Parts:

Acer 25.LP20Q.003 Acer A040R059L Acer A10-090P3A
Acer A11-065N1A Acer A11-120P1A Acer A13-040N3A
Acer A13-045N2A Acer ADL-45A1 Acer ADP-135FB BFD
Acer ADP-135KB T Acer ADP-180MB K Acer ADP-30JH B
Acer ADP-30MH BC Acer ADP-330AB D Acer ADP-40TH
Acer ADP-40TH A Acer ADP-45HE B Acer ADP-65VH B
Acer ADP-65VH F Acer ADP-90SB BB Acer AP.03001.002
Acer HP-A0301R3 Acer HP-A0652R3B Acer KP.04501.004
Acer KP.04503.001 Acer LC.ADT00.006 Acer LC.ADT0E.001
Acer PA-1121-16 Acer PA-1131-05 Acer PA-1131-07
Acer PA-1131-16 Acer PA-1300-04 Acer PA-1450-26
Acer PA-1650-02 Acer PA-1650-69 Acer PA-1650-80
Acer PA-1650-86 Acer PA-1900-04 Acer PA-1900-05
Acer PA-1900-24   

Listed by Acer Laptop Models:

Aspire 1410 Aspire 1430 Aspire 1430Z
Aspire 1551 Aspire 1810TZ Aspire 1830
Aspire 1830T Aspire 1830TZ Aspire 1830Z
Aspire 2920Z Aspire 3 A315-21 Aspire 3 A315-35
Aspire 3 A315-41 Aspire 3 A315-41-R9KS Aspire 3 A315-41G
Aspire 3 A315-51 Aspire 3 A315-53 Aspire 3 A315-56
Aspire 3 A315-58 Aspire 3 A315-59 Aspire 3 A317-33
Aspire 3 A317-51G Aspire 3 A317-52 Aspire 3 A317-53
Aspire 3820 Aspire 3830 Aspire 4250
Aspire 4310 Aspire 4315 Aspire 4710Z
Aspire 4720 Aspire 4720Z Aspire 4730ZG
Aspire 4732Z Aspire 4733Z Aspire 4736G
Aspire 4736Z Aspire 4736ZG Aspire 4738G
Aspire 4738Z Aspire 4738ZG Aspire 4739Z
Aspire 4740G Aspire 4741G Aspire 4743G
Aspire 4743ZG Aspire 4745G Aspire 4749
Aspire 4750G Aspire 4752G Aspire 5 A514-54
Aspire 5 A514-55 Aspire 5 A515-43 Aspire 5 A515-45
Aspire 5 A515-46 Aspire 5 A515-52 Aspire 5 A515-52G
Aspire 5 A515-56 Aspire 5 A515-56G Aspire 5 A515-56T
Aspire 5 A515-57 Aspire 5 A515-57G Aspire 5 A515-57T
Aspire 5 A517-51 Aspire 5 A517-51G Aspire 5 A517-52
Aspire 5 A517-52G Aspire 5 A517-53 Aspire 5 Pro A517-51GP
Aspire 5 Pro A517-51P-32XH Aspire 5 Pro A517-51P-3917 Aspire 5 Pro A517-51P-39J7
Aspire 5 Pro A517-51P-542D Aspire 5 Pro A517-51P-55WD Aspire 5 Pro A517-51P-58KU
Aspire 5 Pro A517-51P-80Y1 Aspire 5 Pro A517-51P-85Q0 Aspire 5335Z
Aspire 5500 Aspire 5570 Aspire 5570Z
Aspire 5610Z Aspire 5733Z Aspire 5742G
Aspire 6935G Aspire 7 A715-42G Aspire 7 A715-43G
Aspire 7 A715-51G Aspire 7 A715-72G Aspire 7 A715-74
Aspire 7 A715-74G Aspire 7 A715-75G Aspire 7 A715-76
Aspire 7 A717-72G Aspire 7530g Aspire 7540g
Aspire 7741Z Aspire 7741Z-4592 Aspire 7741Z-4633
Aspire 7741Z-4643 Aspire 7741Z-4815 Aspire 7741Z-5731
Aspire 7750 Aspire A5600U Aspire AS7741Z
Aspire AS7741Z-4592 Aspire AS7741Z-4633 Aspire AS7741Z-4643
Aspire AS7741Z-4815 Aspire AS7741Z-5731 Aspire C24-760
Aspire E1-571G Aspire E1-572 Aspire E3-111
Aspire E3-112 Aspire E5-422 Aspire E5-422G
Aspire E5-473 Aspire E5-473G Aspire E5-475G
Aspire E5-522 Aspire E5-522G Aspire E5-532
Aspire E5-532G Aspire E5-532T Aspire E5-551G
Aspire E5-571G Aspire E5-573 Aspire E5-573G
Aspire E5-573T Aspire E5-573TG Aspire E5-575G
Aspire E5-721 Aspire E5-722 Aspire E5-722G
Aspire E5-731 Aspire E5-731G Aspire E5-771
Aspire E5-771G Aspire E5-772G Aspire ES1-111
Aspire ES1-111M Aspire ES1-131 Aspire ES1-311
Aspire ES1-331 Aspire ES1-411 Aspire ES1-420
Aspire ES1-421 Aspire ES1-431 Aspire ES1-512
Aspire ES1-531 Aspire ES1-711 Aspire ES1-711G
Aspire ES1-731 Aspire ES1-731G Aspire One 10.1 Inch
Aspire One 11.6 Inch Aspire One 521 Aspire One 521 Angebote
Aspire One 521 Panthera Aspire One 521 Tigris Aspire One 521on
Aspire One 522 Aspire One 531 Aspire One 532
Aspire One 532g Aspire One 532h Aspire One 533
Aspire One 571 Aspire One 722 Aspire One 725
Aspire One 751 Aspire One 751h Aspire One 753
Aspire One 756 Aspire One 8.9 Inch Aspire One A110
Aspire One A110L Aspire One A110L blau Aspire One A110L weiss
Aspire One A110X Aspire One A110X Black Edition Aspire One A150
Aspire One A150L Aspire One A150L blau Aspire One A150L weiss
Aspire One A150X Aspire One A150X blau Aspire One A150X weiss
Aspire One Cloudbook 14 AO1-431 Aspire One D150 Aspire One D250
Aspire One D255 Aspire One D255E Aspire One D257
Aspire One D260 Aspire One D270 Aspire One E100
Aspire One Happy Aspire One Happy2 Aspire One KAV10
Aspire One KAV60 Aspire One NAV50 Aspire One NAV60
Aspire One NAV70 Aspire One P531h Aspire One ZA3
Aspire One ZG5 Aspire One ZG8 Aspire P3-131
Aspire P3-171 Aspire R3-131T Aspire R3-471T-56BQ
Aspire S3-392 Aspire S3-392G Aspire S5-371
Aspire S7-191 Aspire S7-391 Aspire S7-392
Aspire Switch 12 SW5-271 Aspire Timeline 1810TZ Aspire Timeline 3810T
Aspire Timeline 3810TG Aspire Timeline 3810TZ Aspire Timeline 3810TZG
Aspire Timeline 4810TG Aspire Timeline 4810TZ Aspire Timeline 4810TZG
Aspire TimelineX 1830TZ Aspire U5-610 Aspire U5-620
Aspire U5-710 Aspire V Nitro VN7-591 Aspire V Nitro VN7-591G
Aspire V Nitro VN7-592G Aspire V Nitro VN7-791 Aspire V Nitro VN7-791G
Aspire V Nitro VN7-792G Aspire V15 Nitro VN7-592G Aspire V17 Nitro VN-791G
Aspire V17 Nitro VN7-792G Aspire V3-331 Aspire V3-371
Aspire V3-574 Aspire V3-574G Aspire V3-574T
Aspire V3-574TG Aspire V3-771G Aspire V3-772G
Aspire V5-121 Aspire V5-122 Aspire V5-131
Aspire V5-132 Aspire V5-171 Aspire V5-572P
Aspire V5-573G Aspire V5-573PG Aspire V5-591G
Aspire Vero AV14-51 Aspire Vero AV15-51 Aspire Vero AV15-52
Aspire VX5-591G Aspire Z1-611 Aspire Z1620
Aspire Z3-615 Aspire Z3-710 Aspire Z3170
Aspire Z3280 Aspire Z3620 Aspire Z3770
Aspire Z3771 Aspire Z5770 Aspire Z5771
Aspire ZS-600 Aspire ZS600 Chromebook 11 C730
Chromebook 11 CB3-111 Chromebook 11 CB3-131 Chromebook 11 CB3-132
Chromebook 11 CB311-8H ChromeBook 11 N7 C731 ChromeBook 11 N7 C731T
Chromebook 13 CB5-132T Chromebook 13 CB5-311 Chromebook 13 CB5-311P
Chromebook 13 CB713-1W Chromebook 14 CB3-431 Chromebook 15 C910-54M1
Chromebook 15 CB3-532 Chromebook 15 CB515-1HT Chromebook 514 CB514-1H
Chromebook 514 CB514-1HT Chromebook C700 Chromebook C710
Chromebook C720 Chromebook C720P ChromeBook C735
ChromeBook C738 Chromebook R 13 CB5-312T ConceptD 7 CN715-71G
eMachines 350 eMachines 355 eMachines D520
eMachines D525 eMachines D529 eMachines D620
eMachines D725 eMachines D727 eMachines D728
eMachines D730 eMachines E443 eMachines E520
eMachines E525 eMachines E627 eMachines E725
Enduro Urban N3 EUN314-51W Enduro Urban N3 EUN314A-51W Extensa 2540
Iconia Tab W500 Iconia Tab W500P Iconia Tab W501
Iconia Tab W501P Iconia Tab W700 Iconia Tab W700P
Nitro 5 AN515-43 Nitro 5 AN515-45 Nitro 5 AN515-52
Nitro 5 AN515-53 Nitro 5 AN515-54 Nitro 5 AN515-55
Nitro 5 AN515-57 Nitro 5 AN515-58 Nitro 5 AN517-41
Nitro 5 AN517-54 Nitro 5 Spin NP515-51 Nitro 7 AN715-51
Predator 15 G9-591 Predator 15 G9-591G Predator 15 G9-592
Predator 15 G9-592G Predator 17 G9-791 Predator 17 G9-791G
Predator 17 G9-792 Predator 17 G9-792G Predator Helios 300 G3-572
Predator Helios 300 PH315-52 Predator Helios 300 PH315-53-71HN Predator Helios 300 PH317-52
Predator Helios 300 PH317-53 Predator Helios 500 PH517-51 Predator Helios PH317-55-59LV
Predator Triton 500 PT515-51 Predator Triton 500 PT516-51S-70TP Predator Triton 900 PT917-71
Spin 1 SP111-32N Spin 1 SP111-34N Spin 1 SP114-31N
Spin 3 SP313-51N Spin 3 SP314-52 Spin 3 SP314-53N
Spin 3 SP314-54N Spin 3 SP314-55 Spin 3 SP314-55N
Spin 5 SP513-52N Spin 5 SP513-53N Spin 5 SP513-55N
Spin 5 SP514-51N Spin 5 SP515-51GN Spin 5 SP515-51N
Spin 5 SP515-51N-51GH Spin 5 SP515-51N-51RH Spin 5 SP515-51N-59EE
Spin 7 SP714-51 Swift 1 SF113-31 Swift 1 SF114-32
Swift 1 SF114-32-P186 Swift 1 SF114-32-P1S3 Swift 1 SF114-32-P4XE
Swift 1 SF114-32-P57N Swift 1 SF114-32-P5A6 Swift 1 SF114-32-P60X
Swift 1 SF114-32-P8GG Swift 1 SF114-32-P95S Swift 1 SF114-32-P9UZ
Swift 1 SF114-32-P9Y2 Swift 3 SF313-53 Swift 3 SF314-43
Swift 3 SF314-44 Swift 3 SF314-51 Swift 3 SF314-511
Swift 3 SF314-56 Swift 3 SF314-56G Swift 3 SF314-57
Swift 3 SF314-57G Swift 3 SF314-59 Swift 3 SF315-52
Swift 3 SF315-52G Swift 5 SF514-53T Swift 5 SF514-55T
Swift 5 SF514-55TA Swift 5 SF514-56T Swift 5 SF515-51T
Swift 7 SF714-51T Swift X SFX14-41G Swift X SFX14-42G
Swift X SFX16-51G Switch 11 SW5-111 Travelmate 5740G
Travelmate 5740Z TravelMate 8172 TravelMate 8172T
TravelMate 8172Z TravelMate B113 TravelMate B3 TMB311-31
TravelMate B3 TMB311-32 TravelMate B3 TMB311R-31 TravelMate P2 TMP214-41
TravelMate P2 TMP214-52 TravelMate P2 TMP214-53 TravelMate P2 TMP215-41
TravelMate P2 TMP215-52 TravelMate P2 TMP215-53 TravelMate P255-MG
TravelMate P4 TMP414-51 TravelMate P4 TMP416-51 TravelMate P6 TMP614-51
TravelMate P6 TMP614-52 TravelMate Spin B3 TMB311R-31 TravelMate Spin B3 TMB311R-32
TravelMate Spin B3 TMB311RN-31 TravelMate Spin B3 TMB311RN-32 TravelMate Spin P4 TMP414RN-51
TravelMate Spin P6 TMP614RN-52 TravelMate TM8172 TravelMate TM8172T
TravelMate TM8172Z TravelMate Vero TMV15-51 TravelMate X313
TravelMate X313-E TravelMate X313-M TravelMate X5 TMX514-51
TravelMate X5 TMX514-51-7411 Veriton C630 Veriton L4620G
Veriton L4630G Veriton L6620 Veriton L6620G
Veriton L6630 Veriton L6630G Veriton Z2650
Veriton Z2650G Veriton Z4620G Veriton Z4621
Veriton Z4621G Veriton Z4630 Veriton Z4630G

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Genuine Laptop AC Power Supply Tips

* Avoid keeping the battery exposed to extreme temperatures.It is ideal that the battery be used in a temperature range between 10°C and 29°C.Any temperature above or below this range will shorten the battery life.

* Avoid exposing an AC adapter to prolonged periods of extreme heat or cold.

* Use the charger until the laptop battery is fully charged.

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