Hynix HMA82GS6CJR8N-VK Laptop RAM Memory Module - 16GB 2666MHz 1.2V 260-pin Unbuffered SODIMM DDR4 RAM Memory HMA82GS6CJR8N-VK

Hynix HMA82GS6CJR8N-VK RAM Memory Module Specs:

  • Type of Memory: DDR4
  • Voltage: 1.2V
  • Capacity: 16GB
  • Frequency: 2666MHz
  • ECC Error Correction: Non-ECC
  • Form Factor: SODIMM 260-pin
  • Unbuffered Memory: Yes
  • Cas Latency: 19
  • Compatible with: Notebook PC

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Still having trouble with your laptop slowing down because you're playing video games or running large business software? There's a solution to the problem of slow computers: add more memory. Designed to help your system run faster and smoother, applications load faster, and enhance your laptop's multitasking capabilities, Hynix HMA82GS6CJR8N-VK laptop memory is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your system's performance.


This HMA82GS6CJR8N-VK RAM memory can be replaced with the following original module:

RAM Modules Maintenance Tips

* The gold contacts at the bottom of your laptop computer’s RAM modules must be clean and free of debris in order to maintain a solid connection.

* If your RAM sticks are dirty, it is recommended that you wipe them with alcohol and clean them with cotton buds.

* Important: Never touch RAM contacts with your fingers or any other card’s contacts for that matter.

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About Hynix HMA82GS6CJR8N-VK RAM Memory

- HMA82GS6CJR8N-VK memory upgrades perform as well or better than the parts used in the original system.

- A simple and effective way to improve system performance.

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