Original Asus B31N1911 Battery Pack - B31N1911 Genuine Laptop Battery

original b31n1911 laptop battery security protect

Asus B31N1911 OEM Battery Specs:

  • Chemistry: li-polymer
  • Voltage: 11.55V
  • Capacity: 3640mAh
  • Dimension: N/A
  • Weight: N/A
  • Color: Black

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Product Detail

This high quality b31n1911 laptop battery pack is a rechargeable, li-polymer battery which is fully compatible with Asus laptop computer. This original laptop battery pack can act as a spare Asus laptop battery. This wholesale price laptop battery is a great solution for those who have lost their original b31n1911 batteries, or just want to have a new Asus backup battery.


This Asus B31N1911 Battery Replaces:
  • Asus B31N1911

  • * not all models are listed

More Details About The Asus B31N1911 Battery

* One year quality warranty and 30-day money back guarantee, best price b31n1911 battery.

* Fast shipping via registered postal service

* Brand new Asus b31n1911 battery, never refurbished, recycled or used.

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Asus B31N1911 Battery Tips

- When not using your laptop, you can turn off your peripherals.

- Avoid keeping the asus b31n1911 original laptop battery exposed to extreme temperatures. It is ideal that the battery be used in a temperature range between 10 °C and 29 °C. Any temperature above or below this range will shorten the asus battery life.

- When you aren't using the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and IR devices, just turn them off. It's crucial when you're on b31n1911 battery power, especially when you aren't close to a power source.

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