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Cheap Toshiba Satellite U940 Battery - Replacement Toshiba Batteries for Satellite U940

This Toshiba Battery Pack is a rechargeable battery designed to work with toshiba satellite u940 laptop computers.Used as either a spare or replacement battery,this high quality satellite u940 laptop battery meets or exceeds the specifications of the oem battery that came with your laptop.The convenience of this handy satellite u940 battery pack ensures that you can use your equipment for longer while unplugged.

replacement satellite u940 battery,2300mAh toshiba li-ion battery for satellite u940 toshiba satellite u940 battery

Replacement Toshiba Satellite U940 Battery

Toshiba Satellite U940 Battery Specs:

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Battery Description

- Brand new Toshiba Satellite U940 laptop battery,never refurbished,recycled or used,premium quality.

- Offers 1 year warranty period and 30-day money back guarantee.

- Premium quality and new materials, Best price replacement Toshiba Satellite U940 battery.

- 100% compatible with your original Satellite U940 Toshiba laptop battery.

- Tailored for your Toshiba laptop computer.

- Meet or exceed OEM satellite u940 battery specifications.

- Ideal companion to your Toshiba notebook and is perfect for extended computer usage around your home, office or while on the road.

This Toshiba Satellite U940 Battery Replaces:
  • Toshiba PA5076R-1BRS
  • Toshiba PA5076U-1BRS
  • Toshiba PA5077U-1BRS
  • Toshiba PABAS268

This Satellite U940 Battery Fits Laptop Models:
  • Satellite L900
  • Satellite L950-014
  • Satellite L950
  • Satellite L950D-00L
  • Satellite L950D-00M
  • Satellite L950D-100
  • Satellite L950D
  • Satellite L955-S5142NR
  • Satellite L955-S5152
  • Satellite L955-S5330
  • Satellite L955-S5360
  • Satellite L955-S5362
  • Satellite L955-S5370
  • Satellite L955-S5370N
  • Satellite L955-SP5301WL
  • Satellite L955D-10F
  • Satellite L955D
  • Satellite L955D-S5140NR
  • Satellite L955D-S5142NR
  • Satellite L955D-S5364
  • Satellite S900
  • Satellite S950
  • Satellite S950D
  • Satellite S955
  • Satellite S955-DS5374
  • Satellite S955-S5166
  • Satellite S955-S5373
  • Satellite S955-S5376
  • Satellite S955D
  • Satellite S955D-S5150
  • Satellite S955D-S5374
  • Satellite U845
  • Satellite U845-S402
  • Satellite U845-S404
  • Satellite U845-S406
  • Satellite U900
  • Satellite U900-T01S
  • Satellite U900-T02S
  • Satellite U900-T09S
  • Satellite U900-T10S
  • Satellite U900-T12S
  • Satellite U940-00R
  • Satellite U940-00S
  • Satellite U940-01H
  • Satellite U940-01K
  • Satellite U940-01R
  • Satellite U940-025
  • Satellite U940-100
  • Satellite U940-101
  • Satellite U940-102
  • Satellite U940-103
  • Satellite U940-104
  • Satellite U940-108
  • Satellite U940-10C
  • Satellite U940-10F
  • Satellite U940-10M
  • Satellite U940-10N
  • Satellite U940-10P
  • Satellite U940-10U
  • Satellite U940-112
  • Satellite U940-117
  • Satellite U940-11F
  • Satellite U940-11N
  • Satellite U940-11U
  • Satellite U940
  • Satellite U940-SP4301GL
  • Satellite U940-SP4362SM
  • Satellite U945
  • Satellite U945-S4110
  • Satellite U945-S4130
  • Satellite U945-S4140
  • Satellite U945-S4380
  • Satellite U945-S4390
  • Satellite U945-ST4N02
  • Satellite U945D
  • Satellite U955
Price Promise Buy from us you've paid a great price.

This wholesale price battery pack is a great solution for those who have lost their original Satellite U940 battery, or just want to have a Toshiba Satellite U940 backup battery. If your mobile device needs to be recharged more frequently, it is time to replace the battery, the design of Toshiba Satellite U940 battery meets or exceeds the OEM standard and is 100% compatible with the original device. Buy from us now and get your best buy Satellite U940 replacement laptop battery.


When you place orders online, we will provide you with the fast delivery.

Product protection

For peace of mind,we protect your laptop batteries.

Toshiba Satellite U940 Replacement Battery Tips

  • New rechargeable Toshiba Satellite U940 battery is usually in discharged condition. Therefore, you need to charge the battery before you use it. In addition, the new battery needs charge-discharge cycle two or three times.
  • When using the battery, lower the screen brightness, use the standby and hibernate features, try to turn off the wireless, bluetooth and infrared port. Also avoid enabling 3D programs, games, and more, in order to reduce battery consumption.
  • If your system has a removable Satellite U940 battery, take care not to damage the battery contacts. They connect the laptop to the battery, and if the contacts get dirty or damaged, it can reduce and disrupt the flow of power. You can clean the contacts with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol, but damaged contacts might need to be professionally repaired.
  • Avoid using in very hot or cold temperatures. Extreme temperatures could affect battery's performance and even cause permanent damage. Try to charge at room temperatures
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